About Us

PROMOPLUS is Dubai – UAE based multidisciplinary advertising company, that is pioneer in promotional, corporate luxury gift products, beside creative graphic and digital designs.

We have growing branches in Abu Dhabi in addition to our branch in Syria -Damascus. We believe in listening to our client’s needs and developing tailored solutions and services by providing the highest quality of merchandise with the competitive prices to be as one-stop-shop for all types of advertising and promotion products.


Providing a competitive advantage, as well as building client’s trust and loyalty has been the foundation of Promoplus success today.


We seek to create distinctive and innovative works.


We provide the highest standards of quality and services.


We do as we say. Client’s trust is always our top priority.


We seek to build strong, honest and collaborative relationship with all of our clients.


Professionally providing effective and efficient Advertising. We constantly seek to achieve and advance advertising for our clients through creative work to obtain client’s satisfaction and reach further goals of development and continuity.


Keeping up with the global levels and standards of the advertising industry.


We communicate with all the segments of economic activities in GCC, in order to expand the market and achieve all benefits.


At Promoplus we have developed and verified a genuine method of creating the best results for our clients.

-We get to know our client’s goals and requirements.

-We research their target audience and seek to understand their needs.

-We utilize our technology and expertise to choose a creative, innovative and effective approach.

-We set production goals and develop the most efficient ways to achieve them.

-We monitor and analyze performance to ensure improving products and services.

- We keep to global standards of excellence and always on time.


PROMOPLUS Advantages

To ensure long-term client’s satisfaction we:

- Respond quickly and accurately to their inquires within the proposed budget.

- Follow up market to apply the latest technology and to provide quality control.

- Invest in the best manufacturing techniques, logistics solutions and clients’ support.

- Excellent in advertising works, and commit to expansion.

- Collaborate with our clients with the believe in always having open minds and open doors.



Promotional materials and printings

There is a wide range of promotional gift items, leathers, Uniforms and trophies, as well as an experienced printing team able to meet the printing needs (offset and digital) of notebooks, brochures, roll ups, and packaging.

 Digital & Design

Whether you need a simple flyer or brand a new identity, we can assist you with:

- Brand and identity building and developing.

- Web design and development.

- Electronic media design.

- Graphic design.



Ourook by Promoplus company is a pioneer product in luxury wooden boxes that are taken from innovative oriental handcraft works mixed with generations deep rootedness and ancestors proficiency that is known in the Eastern Land years ago.

We - at Ourook - are specialist in creating new idea of wooden boxes using best types of wood inlaid with silver, shells, stained glass and mixed with strings of damascene brocade and qishani tiles which we offer to our clients throughout the Middle East masterpieces of authentic art meet different clients’ needs and requirements.

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